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Gonza is one of the antagonists of You Are Umasou. Although he isn't the greatest danger to Heart, he is the one responsible for most of the plot development.


A blue big jaw with a light triangle on his head and red eye-lashes, a trait only shared with a female big jaw appearing in the credits moments before Gonza.

He had half of his tail bitten off for most of the movie..


Gonza is curious, sly and wants to tell what he perceives as the truth to children. He is honorable in his own way.


He was first seen as a young big jaw hunting a three horn with his pack. Baku helped them take him down as they were struggling and even lost one of their own. Gonza noted the presence of young Heart and abandoned the meal to follow him back into the forest. There, he pinned Light down and tried to awaken Heart's instinct by making him eat his own brother, however Heart snapped and ate half his tail instead.

Because of this Heart realized he loved meat and went to live on his own, invading Gonza and co's territory.

Sometime later, Umasou bumped into him and had to face the pack. Despite managing to injure one of the Big jaw, Umasou was no match for the 4 of them and as Gonza was about to eat him, he was saved by Heart. A fight between Heart and Gonza's pack ensued in which Gonza had a rock shoved into his mouth and his teeth broken.

Apparently, his teeth grew back as they weren't drawn broken in later scenes, however he seemed to have lost a lot of weight before his final fight with Heart which might mean he had trouble eating because of his broken teeth.

He had blocked Heart's path towards the forest wanting to settle a score, but he was swiftly defeated as Heart bit off a part of his throat...before he died he tried to eat Umasou one last time but the young dinosaur dodged. His last attempt at getting his revenge was telling Umasou that heart wasn't his dad. Umasou said he knew but that a dad was a dad anyway. This prompted Gonza to apologize before his death.


  • Gonza's amputated tail could be a nod to the Tyrannosaurus skeleton mounted in the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which also had its tail cut off.