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Mother Maiasaura is the female Maiasaura who adopts Heart and is the biological mother of Light and his siblings.


She is beige with blue-eyes and pinkish spots, her crest is a silver hue and like all the Maiasaura has a ridge down her spine, but a more shovel-shaped than duck-shaped head.


She is seen as quite compassionate, willing to adopt an egg of another dinosaur-species, even if its a Tyrannosaurus, and even chooses Heart over her own herd. She is also bold, willing to stand up to a pack of Troodon and even Baku. Despite her devotion to Heart, she knew when to face facts: she made no attempt to rejoin her herd (though she didn't object to Light doing it), and she also knew she couldn't sustain Heart on berries alone, and when Baku questioned how she would feed Heart, she answers that she was willing to serve herself as a meal, which Baku found idiotic. She also knew Heart couldn't live with her anymore because of what he his, and chose to leave, which she completely understands.