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A movie based on a book called You are umasou but its in japanese. The movie is about a baby Tyrannosaurus or may i say, a Big Jaw, named Heart adopted by a female Maiasaur who found an egg at a river. The female maiasaur's other eggs got crushed by some raptors. She only has two eggs left. Heart also grew older with his brother, Light, who is a male maiasaur. Heart came across Gonza and his gang and also One-Eyed Baku, who is Hearts father. After Gonza followed Heart, Heart almost ate Light and later ran away to keep his family safe from himself after he ate Gonza's tail because Gonza said that "he is one of us" and Heart called him a liar because He thinks that he is wrong about him being a meat-eater but Heart calls himself a "Plant-eater". He later became an Adult and found an lost egg in the middle of land. It turned out to be a baby ankloysaurous who Heart got Confused about calling him "Umasou".Umasou keeps calling Heart "Dad" because how he found him and thought he is his father. They both later met Pero Pero, a long neck underwater creature, saved heart from drowning. Heart, In the end, kills Gonza after he didnt let them pass. After he killed Gonza, He came to find his mother in where she used to live in. But all he found is Light, His brother, in the herd. He asked light questions where their mother is. Light replied with "she's not here...". "You idiot..." said Heart. Heart starts looking for his mom in the forest, where he and light grew together before she left the herd. When Heart found her, he started to cry how much he missed her and how sorry he is for leaving her with Light. She replied "its okay, you're still my son after all". Heart later saw twins and a young female maiasaur. He asked "who are they?". "your new siblings" she replied. "n-new siblings??" He said. After she introduced his new siblings, Heart introduced Umasou, who is his son. After they finished intoducing, Heart Came across One eyed Baku, who is his father that Heart didnt know. Then they made up and decied to live in peace.

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