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You are Umasou 2 (Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru) is a You are Umasou's spin-off movie. Although You are Umasou (2010) was made only in japan, this animated spin-off is also co-product of Korea.


two tyrannosaurs named Sera and Zetsua are about to have a baby.  Shortly after, their egg hatches and a baby boy is born whom they call Toron.  Toron grows up, surrounded by the affection of his parents.  One day Toron is hunting with his father and other tyrannosaurs.  tyrannosaurs attack a herd of triceratops and kill one.  Barudo, one of the tyrannosaurs, would like to kill the whole herd, but Zetsua stops him.  Later Toron walks with his parents up a cliff.  Suddenly an earthquake causes Sera to fall off the cliff.  Toron and her father seek her out, but in vain.  So they mourn the loss of her and Zetsua is demoralized and doesn't go hunting anymore.  With Zetsua's absence, Barudo and his minions kill many herbivores.  When Zetsua comes to find out, she challenges Barudo.  Tororn runs to see the challenge, but when he arrives he discovers that his father is dead.  the next day Toron attacks Barudo and his minions, but during the fight Toron falls into the river and is transported to an island.  There he meets a female spinosaurus named Mesomeso.  At first Toron wants to eat her but Mesomeso tells him that if she eats it he will have one meal only meal, but if he will spare it she would have given him some fish.  Toron doesn't devour her and the two become friends.  Toron grows up and one day, while he is training, is attacked by a mosasaur.  As he tries to escape, toron falls into a sea tornado, which takes him to another land.  There he meets Kirari, a small female dinosaur, who is alone and Toron takes care of her.  But one night Toron dreams of his mother and decides to go back to his house.  Back home he challenges Barudo.  during the fight a tree explodes and its splinters pierce both Toron and Barudo.  In a flashback we are shown the death of Zetsua, impaled by the splinters of another exploded tree.  But Toron slips off the Splinters from Barudo and the two survive.  But the herbivorous dinosaurs have decided to fight the t-rex and just before the fight a volcano erupts.  Toron asks for help to save the forest.  The t-rex accept, but the herbivorous dinosaurs don't.  Fortunately, Kirari and Mesomeso, Toron's two friends, arrive on a pteranodon and convince the herbivorous dinosaurs to help the t-rex.  Unfortunately Barudo sacrifices himself and is burned by the lava.  When the dinosaurs save the forest, a female voice calls Toron: it is Sera, Toron's mother.  the pteranodoon that carried Kirari and Mesomeso explains that Sera has fallen into their nest.  meanwhile the dinosaurs leave, including Kirari and Mesomeso, who tell Toron that they will return to see him soon.  That night Toron and Sera see the stars, as his mother had long ago done with Zetsua


Guru is rip off his tail likes Gonza, but It caused an error that the tail to reappear.

Toron and Barudo Fighting scene has so many Animation errors.They removed arms and Barudos face change likes Torons and Sera.

YAU2's Animation error.png